1. Takamul:

We Support, Fund & Commercialize Innovations.

About us:

Launched in 2011, Takamul is an innovation program to support inventors and promote innovation across the country. Takamul focuses on making UAE one of the most innovative countries in the world by promoting the innovation cycle, from the generation of ideas to the practical implementation of these ideas into commercial activities that support Abu Dhabi economically and socially. The program will support inventors from different categories and level, including individuals, corporations and academic institutes.

Our services:

·     IP awareness session.

·      Provide legal patentability opinion.

·     Provide financial support for filling and prosecution of patent applications.

·     Support of patent commercialization.


Contact us :

·     You can send email to takamul@ded.abudhabi.ae



2. Golden Visa for inventors and Entrepreneurs


A program of joint collaborative efforts between Abu Dhabi Competitiveness Office and Abu Dhabi Residents Office (ADRO)  which aims to attract talents through Influencing the inventors and entrepreneurs for Golden Visa as an incentive to encourage them to setup their entrepreneurial  and innovation startups in Abu Dhabi


Who can apply and how :

-The inventors and entrepreneurs who have been incubated in an authorized incubator in Abu Dhabi and hold the Abu Dhabi innovator permit
-The inventors  who have a potential  commercializable patented technology or product who have received a patent grant will need to apply for Technology commercialization support Service through Takamul program for evaluation and getting the approval


Contact us :

·      Our website is www.takamul.gov.ae

·     You can send email to takamul@ded.abudhabi.ae




3. Regulation and Licensing of Innovation Business Incubators


An initiative of Innovation Business Incubator License launched by ADDED that includes licensing a professional, commercial, industrial and agricultural innovation incubator for universities, institutes, educational institutions, research centres and government entities supporting research and development. The program is aiming to authorize and enable the innovation business incubators and accelerators investing in innovative solutions and scaling up start-ups in Emirates of Abu Dhabi through providing a stimulating environment and the best resources and tools for the innovators to implement their creative projects.


Who can apply and how : 

- The private sector, universities , Research and development centers and Research & development related government entities

- The entity shall apply for the innovation business incubator and accelerator licensing through Abu Dhbai Government service digital services under Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development Portal https:\\Tamm.abudhabi.ae



Contact us:

·      You can send email to takamul@ded.abudhabi.ae



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