The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development continues to fulfil the needs and requirements of local businesses exporting from the emirate of Abu Dhabi. ADDED’s aim is to help increase the volume of foreign trade between the Emirate and its trading partners around the world and increase the amount of local exports, helping the balance of trade. In order to achieve this goal, the Department offers a bouquet of services and supporting initiatives such as opening up new markets, facilitating cross-border trade, developing communication channels with international buyers and promoting locally produced products in various international forums.

Promoting Exports:

ADDED continuously follows up the needs and requirements of local exporting companies in the emirate of Abu Dhabi with the aim of increasing the volume of foreign trade between the emirate and its trading partners around the world. To this end, ADDED offers a package of supportive services and initiatives for exporters, such as opening new markets, facilitating cross-border trade movement, enhancing communication with international buyers, and promoting local products in various international forums.

Participation in Foreign Exhibitions:


ADDED promotes emirati goods and services through the participation of local companies in specialised exhibitions and trade delegations to world markets. The aim is to open markets for the local products and build a link between exporters and international buyers through bilateral business committee meetings.


Export Development:

ADDED, in cooperation with government and semi-government agencies, contributes to educating current and prospective exporters by organising training courses, seminars, and workshops that serve to enhance the presence of their products and services in the local and international markets.  


Communication with Exporters:


ADDED contributes to overcoming obstacles that exporters may face whether inside or outside the country. It also contributes to facilitating export procedures for manufacturers in cooperation with its strategic partners locally and internationally through visiting exporters periodically and opening communication channels with them.
ADDED representatives visit local exporters frequently to identify export-related challenges. Periodic reports are prepared on the visits and challenges facing exporters and studies are conducted to overcome these obstacles and challenges.


Economic agreements and memorandums of understanding:


The government of the emirate of Abu Dhabi is keen to strengthen its international partnerships with all countries of the world by providing investment opportunities and incentives that support governments and multinational companies.
ADDED works to enhance its legislative role through the implementation of agreements and MOUs with our strategic partners around the world in line with the local (at the level of Abu Dhabi Government) and federal (UAE Government level) laws and legislations. 



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