Takamul :

We Support, Fund & Commercialize Innovations.

About us:

Launched in 2011, Takamul is an innovation program to support inventors and promote innovation across the country. Takamul focuses on making UAE one of the most innovative countries in the world by promoting the innovation cycle, from the generation of ideas to the practical implementation of these ideas into commercial activities that support Abu Dhabi economically and socially. The program will support inventors from different categories and level, including individuals, corporations and academic institutes.

Our services:

·     IP awareness session.

·      Provide legal patentability opinion.

·     Provide financial support for filling and prosecution of patent applications.

·     Support of patent commercialization.


Contact us :

·      Our website is www.takamul.gov.ae

·     You can send email to takamul@ded.abudhabi.ae

·     Or call / (024031292),or (024031271)








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