ADDED and ZHO sign cooperation agreement

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) has signed a cooperation agreement with the Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination (ZHO) aimed at implementing the Abu Dhabi Local Content (ADLC) program, one Abu Dhabi Government Accelerator Programme’s ‘Ghadan 21’ initiatives. Under the terms of agreement, ADDED will register all the ‘BEE’ brand products, which are manufactured by the people of determination, as local products.


H.E. Rashed Abdul Karim Al Balooshi, Undersecretary of ADDED and H.E. Abdullah Abdul Ali Al Humaidan, Secretary-General of ZHO, signed the agreement in a virtual ceremony attended by several officials from both parties.


H.E. Rashed Abdul Karim Al Balooshi said that the ADLC program is one of ADDED’s key initiatives, administered through the Department’s Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), which aims to strengthen public-private partnership in Abu Dhabi, boost the emirate’s gross domestic product (GDP), increase the Emiratisation rates in private companies and strengthen the knowledge-based economy.


He reiterated that ADDED will continue to enhance the ADLC program through effective partnerships with government, semi-government entities and private companies, noting the program’s remarkable potential in contributing to the creation of new job opportunities for citizens within the private sector, diversifying GDP inputs, enhancing the local supply chain, as well as supporting freelance professionals and owners of micro, small and medium‐sized enterprises (MSMEs).


H.E. Al Balooshi further stated that the agreement with ZHO will provide help support people of determination to meet their needs in accordance with their capabilities and achieve their aspirations. He pointed out that this will increase their active participation in achieving Abu Dhabi Government’s vision of a balanced socio-economic development for the emirate.


H.E. Abdullah Abdul Ali Al Humaidan commended the MOU signing which is driven by the directives of Abu Dhabi leadership, and falls in with the efforts towards achieving the objectives of  Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. He further added that the agreement falls in line with the emirate’s modernization and development strategy which focuses on improving the efficiency of government performance and enhancing the effectiveness of services on the business sector.


H.E. Al Humaidan said that the ADLC program will help promote the products manufactured by people of determination under the ‘BEE’ brand, following ADDED’s seal of approval as local products. He cited that the Department has already approved a total of 13 BEE products to date which have been listed in the government procurement system by the Department of Government Support - Abu Dhabi (DGS), highlighting that these efforts will contribute to achieving the emirate’s development goals.


He said that in line with the directives and supervision of H.H. Sheikh Khalid bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ZHO, the organization spares no effortto empower, integrate, qualify and train people of determination who are ZHO members. He added that ZHO is focused on ensuring that they become active community members and gain equal opportunities to secure jobs in accordance with their capabilities. These efforts demonstrate the government’s vision in cooperation with local authorities and institutions.

Al Humaidan commended the ADLC program as a strategic economic initiative that spurs socio-economic growth and creates new job opportunities in Abu Dhabi. He further praised the vital role of  government entities in engaging and providing employment opportunities to people of determination. He further expressed his appreciation to ADDED and DGS for the notable cooperation efforts they have extended to ZHO to help integrate and empower the organization’s members from people of determination in the society.


H.E. Fahed Salem Ahmed Alkayyoomi, Undersecretary of DGS, emphasized DGS’s support to ZHO to empower and helping its people of determination members to get integrated into the society, pointing out that their future does not rest on simply being empowered, but also being active members in the economic development aspects. He further stated that Abu Dhabi community members have their unique capabilities that must be utilized and enhanced to effectively contribute to the establishment of a sustainable economy based on knowledge and innovation.


H.E. Alkayyoomi highlighted that the ADLC program encourages companies dealing with government entities to invest in the UAE’s local markets, with more focus on Abu Dhabi.  He also noted that private companies investing in national products and local expertise and professionals will have the chance to benefit from numerous development initiatives in the emirate.


Alkayyoomi added that supporting people of determination, giving them the care they need and helping them integrate into society as active and productive members are part of the national objectives. “We, as government entities and individuals, work together to achieve these objectives. We believe that people of determination capable and valuable members to the society. They form a crucial part of the community that effectively contributes to meeting the UAE’s national objectives and future agenda,” he concluded.


The BEE brand was launched by ZHO to promote high-quality products that are manufactured or produced by the organization’s people of determination members as well as other products qualified to be registered under the BEE brand.  Only the Products that are locally produced by people of determination are eligible to be granted the BEE brand, such as organic agricultural products, cheese, milk, handicraft products, leather bags and uniforms.


ADDED aims at achieving the sustainable economic development and regulates the business sector and economic affairs in the emirate along with is leading position as the authorized local entity responsible of issuing economic licenses to investors and entrepreneurs comprising all kinds and activities to enable them to   do business in the emirate. The Department simplifies and facilitates business procedures; shares and exchanges experiences; and establishes partnerships with local entities to bring mutual benefit, enhance investment opportunities and improve services offered to investors.

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