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Financial Services

Abu Dhabi, the Captial of Capital, presents an ideal environment for investors in the financial sector seeking high growth potential and rewarding return

With strategic access to the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region's investable assets and a strong commitment to fostering a conducive business environment, investing in Abu Dhabi's financial sector opens doors to a world of possibilities.


Abu Dhabi is the region's leading financial hub, distinguished by access to global markets and talent, complemented with an enabling regulatory framework.

The Emirate’s banking, insurance and asset management industries are driving the growth of finaical services in the region. The most notable organisations in the sector include the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) as well as leading soverging wealth funds and banks.

Focus areas

Abu Dhabi's financial services sector focuses on three primary areas - FinTech, Commodity Trading, and Asset Management. The sector's advancements are further driven by the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), an award-winning international financial centre.

  1. FinTech:The UAE, with Abu Dhabi at its core, is MENA's largest FinTech market. The ADGM Digital Lab provides a virtual environment that allows FinTech companies, financial institutions, and regulators to connect, experiment, and develop innovative solutions.

  2. Commodity Trading: Abu Dhabi hosts a diverse commodity trading ecosystem, attracting global traders, intermediaries, and support services. It offers strong potential for Abu Dhabi to cement its position as a robust regional crude futures market.

  3. Asset Management: Abu Dhabi is a thriving hub for regional and global asset managers, investing in alternative assets in the MEASA region. It offers access to substantial investable assets, including three of the largest sovereign wealth funds globally.

Abu Dhabi’s financial services: A statistical snapshot

  • Abu Dhabi contributes to an estimated 60% of the UAE’s GDP (Source)

  • There are over 120 financial service providers in the Emirate 

  • Abu Dhabi is home to largest sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) with assets over USD 1.5 trillion and two of largest banks in the region

  • The finance and insurance activities grew by 25.5% to contribute 7% to the Emirate’s GDP in 2023,

  • It is home to the region’s only digital sandbox for financial services (Source)

  • ADGM has been accorded Best International Financial Centre (EMEA) by Capital Finance International ( for 4 consecutive years (Source)

Why invest in financial services?


Investing in financial services: the industry advantage


A sector built for investment opportunities

Abu Dhabi's financial sector has made significant strides to develop a globally competitive financial sector distinguished by an internationally recognised regulatory framework. The Emirate offers:
  • A favourable tax and financial ecosystem

  • There are over 120 financial service providers in the Emirate 

  • Abu Dhabi is home to largest sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) with assets over USD 1.5 trillion and two of largest banks in the region

  • A modern and targeted incentive programme,

  • High-value business opportunities.

With strategic support from the government, the financial services sector offers an inviting ground and immense potential for investors. The Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) has extended its support to various FinTech companies including Florin Court Capital, Tribe Infrastructure Group, Peninsula Real Estate, and Argentem Creek Partners among others.

An enabling business environment

  • Abu Dhabi offers attractive incentive programmes with a focus on innovation and talent.

  • As an investor, you will have access to ecosystem partners, direct contact with key government bodies, and efficient registry processes.

  • Additionally, Abu Dhabi provides 100% foreign ownership with the opportunity to conduct business onshore.

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