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As the Emirate diversifies its economy, the Semiconductors cluster presents an opportunity of burgeoning success in parallel with other knowledge-based industries.

Abu Dhabi plans to bring the global chipmaking industry home with a key focus on high-margin, manufacturing-driven endeavours.


Semiconductors – the brains of every electronic device and the backbone of advancing technology and communication.

Globally, the demand for semiconductor chips outrstips supply. This challenge offers a thriving potential to grow the industry within Abu Dhabi . The Emirate seeks to build infrastructure for the cluster, and is considering various modes of investments required to attract other semiconductor companies to Abu Dhabi.

A focus on manufacturing

To drive the Semiconductors industry cluster, Abu Dhabi would be directing its efforts to build a capital intensive, manufacturing-driven cluster in line with the advantages offered by the Emirate:

Strategic location and connectivity: With the five major global semiconductor foundries based in Asia and in the US, Abu Dhabi can bridge the geographical manufacturing gap in chipmaking, worldwide.

Diverse demographics: Home to over 200 nationalities, the human capital in Abu Dhabi is not only diverse ethnically but also inspires a confluence of ideas and ambitions towards advanced technological industries like semiconductors

The Emirate is developing a start-up enabling ecosystem and providing services and operations support to enrich businesses within the cluster.

Human capital development

The Emirate has been developing a range of initiatives, from primary and secondary education to vocational training and graduate studies to prepare the human capital of Abu Dhabi for succeeding in a high-tech, STEM-oriented industry environment.

The Abu Dhabi government’s Mubadala Technology (formerly known as the Advanced Technology Investment Company), has established a semiconductor research and development ecosystem in Abu Dhabi. This comprises of partnerships with leading UAE universities, developed to train, recruit and inspire students to pursue careers in the semiconductor industry.

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