ADDED’s ‘Takamul’ program organizes second ‘Innovation Makers’ session

The ‘Takamul’ program of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) recently organized the second session of the ‘Innovation Makers’ and the first sectorial based  series with an aim to showcase the latest innovations in the healthcare field. The move is in line with the ‘Takamul’ program’s efforts to support and encourage Emirati innovators to enhance their contributions to the UAE’s economic growth.


The virtual session shed light on some prominent medical inventions, including forensic dentistry-related treatment techniques; specialized devices for urology, dentistry, endocrine and diabetes treatment areas; among other medical equipment and therapeutic devices.


Around 57 participants attended the session, including seven innovators who have innovated leading solutions in healthcare-related fields; experts and specialists in the medical field; and numerous investors. As part of the ‘Innovation Makers’ series, the session was aimed at supporting participating innovators to launch their inventions in the UAE’s local market.


H.E. Rashed Abdul Karim Al Balooshi, Undersecretary of ADDED, said: “The second session of the ‘Innovation Makers’ series is part of the efforts made by ADDED to support innovators in various fields through the ‘Takamul’ program. Today’s session focuses on significant innovations within the healthcare sector, which is a top priority and a strategic sector in Abu Dhabi and the UAE.”


H.E. Al Balooshi emphasized the importance of the ‘Innovation Makers’ series organized by ‘Takamul’ as an integrated and interactive platform for inventors and innovators within the UAE’s vital sectors to showcase their new innovations before experts and investors as well as representatives from relevant governmental, semi-governmental and private entities; and to obtain the support they need.


“Since its launch, the ‘Takamul’ program has been providing all means of support for innovators in Abu Dhabi, in order to help them implement their creative ideas and transform them into commercial activities that contribute to the emirate’s socio-economic development.” Al Balooshi added.


ADDED’s Undersecretary commended the seven promising projects that participated in the second ‘Innovation Makers’ session and their potential in developing the healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi and the wider UAE. He further highlighted the importance of the sector as a key driver of the emirate’s sustainable development, especially amid the current challenging circumstances witnessed by the world due to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).


Al Balooshi also affirmed ADDED’s continuing commitment and efforts to foster a culture of leadership and innovation among Emirati youth and support their creative projects, in line with the Abu Dhabi Government's directives and strategies to build a strong economy based on knowledge and innovation.


The Department’s ‘Takamul’ program is a national initiative that was launched in 2011 to provide support for inventors and promote a culture of innovation in the UAE. The program aims to position the country among the top innovative countries in the world by supporting the realization of local creative ideas and turning them into viable commercial activities that benefit the UAE economically and socially.


Since its establishment, ‘Takamul’ has witnessed growth in the number of patents registered annually. The program also spreads awareness on key stages of innovation, including the legal aspects that protect the inventors’ rights such as intellectual property (IP) as well as ways to harness and boost commercial values of their inventions.

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